The Garden Room

Creating a Vibrant Brand for an Immersive Garden Bar and Dining Experience

The Garden Room

Creative Direction | Digital | Branding
An All-New Immersive Garden Bar and Dining Venue in the Heart of Atlanta

The Challenge

To position and create the brand identity and digital experience for an all-new immersive garden bar and dining venue in the heart of Atlanta.

The Outcome

The aim for the logo identity is simple - classic, enduring & cool. Hard to do. Easy to see when you nail it. The process explored retro fonts that evoke classism, hipness, and modernity in the early to mid-twentieth century. Re-imaged for today to illustrate a casual elegance that appeals to all and signals sophistication and excellence. The concept strived for understated elegance and a cool factor that people feel as much as they see.

When crafting the digital landscape, the creative embarked on a journey to invite - even in a digital space - the user into the Garden Room's experience. With a custom on-scroll animation that allows the user to explore through animation and interactions.

Fully scalable and responsive, the animation and interaction experience enhances the visitor's experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Located at Buckhead Plaza, The Garden Room is an enchanted escape welcoming in its beauty and appealing through its casual approach. In this new space, the playful touches of this one-of-a-kind destination ask to be explored while enjoying craft cocktails or exciting wine offerings, all attuned to the chef-driven small plates menu. Nothing was overlooked in this welcoming and lush space, where nights will start with a wow and progress to an experience one will not soon forget.